My 5 Fave Experiences: Siena, Italy

This was my favorite town because it just made me feel so happy inside :) I don't think most people stay in the actual city for very long - there's so many other places in Tuscany to see, do and wine to drink - so the full experience may be overlooked. 

Even though Siena is a smaller city, it is one of the more beautiful towns we visited: It's a place where almost all locals will say "ciao" to each other in passing. And the food & wine here is amazing, you will have a hard time finding a bad experience with either. Because of this, and our quick 22-hour travel turn around, we stayed close to the city, wandering through all of it's cobbled streets for our amusement, drinking the night away.

My 5 Fave Exepriences

1. Hotel Minerva - we LOVED the balcony at night. We grabbed a bottle of wine, sat back and enjoyed the view!
Postcard worthy!
2. Zest Wine Bar - mostly recommended for their food and wine, we decided to relax in their wine bar and drank :) I feel this interior is how every wine bar should be!
Sitting outside, you can see the duomo; G & I enjoying Nobile Montepulciano

"Eat - Drink - Love:  Everything else does not matter." A true Italian quote if I've ever seen one!
I'm showing my photography prowess in the last 2 pics ;)

3. Walking around at night - as I mentioned in my previous post my-5-faves-sites-siena-italy, I prefer sightseeing at night. For me, this now may be the only way to go. And, luckily, this is also when most locals are out and about. For example, we saw these 2 couples, ages are 50+ years, leaving their apartment and starting their night around 10 pm...on a Monday!

Note: The amount of evening pictures I show on this and the last blog in no way match the overall feeling I had that night. Sometimes, you have to put down the camera and ENJOY!
The flags are hanging in preparation for a celebration.
We were pretty much at this church alone! Too bad we didn't have enough time to see the inside - we must come back to visit!
4. Trattoria Fonte Giusta - the steak place next door where we originally wanted to eat was closed (5 pm is a pretty early for any restaurant to open, let alone a steak place). We checked out the menu and were pleasantly surprised with the quality of food!
Thanks to Dee, there was no fear trying this spinach & ricotta tagliatelle in pumpkin sauce. Pumpkin sauce is goooood.

5. Small town feel - it feels like the Cheers theme song: a place where everyone knows your name. The streets were cobbled, the buildings were old, and everyone was happy. You almost can't get any better than that!

Has anyone else had a different experience in Siena?