My 5 Fave Sites: Siena, Italy for lovers :)
Siena was my favorite city we visited thus far (Spain vacation will be soon enough!). It is a quaint, small town in Tuscany which makes it a day trip for most. We only stayed 1 night here: it was either a stay in Siena or 1 additional night in Rome - I think we made the right choice!

My 5 Fave Sites
1. The streets - Automobiles and pedestrians share the same small walkway - WATCH OUT! But it is also the place to socialize, eat and drink!
*At first, this whole thought of road sharing was a little chaotic to me, but I learned to love it!
2. Hotel Minerva - A great boutique hotel that gave us a room with the best patio/terrace I've ever been a part of!
Our room at Hotel Minerva - Pimpin'

3. Piazza del Campo - There's a tower you can climb up to see the city, but we climbed a tower last city so this is the only pic you'll get! The BEST part about this piazza is buying a beer, popping a squat and people watching the whole night.
Clockwise from Left: Mangia tower, people hanging out in the square, over-priced restaurants that are great for people watching
4. Churches - Siena Cathedral & Basilica of San Domenico (Cateriniana). I was utterly amazed at the beauty of both churches at night (see note below about night pics). We sat here for at least an hour just basking in all of its glory.
Basilica San Domenico at dusk.


5. City gates - since I'm Midwestern (African-)American (2nd generation), I completely forgot the importance of TRULY old cities and remains of city gates that are still there. Most old cities in America didn't have castles or the need to defend itself against intruders.
Since this city was way up on a hill, I highly doubt anyone made it to the top - let alone trying to break down this wall. Unless they carb-loaded the night before...
*Note: Because of the swarms of tourist that buzz around during the day annoying the heck out of me, I took a lot of pictures at night. I highly suggest this - it's much more relaxed, quiet and serene experience. Most of the time, we would buy a bottle of wine, sit outside the landmark and talk the night away. Muy romantico!

Up next will be our Siena experience. We were definitely living (loving) the life there!