What Type of Traveler are You?

 "... moments we remember most are people, not places." - Heather Greenwood Davis in O mag (June) in her "Expand Horizons" snippet. globetrottingmama.com
G speaking with Mamma at Trattoria Pandemonio di Casa Brogi

When planning a vacation, there's lots of questions to be answered: What is a suggested itinerary for the cities to which I'm going? How can I maximize this trip to experience the most? If I can't fit everything in the first time, will I ever make to Europe/Morocco/Brazil again?

The good thing is there's no right or wrong way to travel - we're all different. It all depends what experience you want out of vacation.

What Type of Traveler are You?

1) See it, Be it
Your goal is to see every possible thing on this trip.You only travel to major cities and your itinerary is packed tight with everything Trip Advisor suggests. As a sight-seeing Zen master, you already know the exact combination of tours by foot, bus or train that can maximize the number of pictures you can take while there. And then you finish the day with a nice dinner at the Red Lobster or the China Bistro (a.k.a. P.F. Changs). With this approach, you will have a lot of pictures. In additionyou will be able to eat in the same chain restaurant as you usually do every weekend...but just in a different town.
$$-$$$ (some tours/admissions are expensive!)

2) Where Dem Dollar$ At?
Your goal is shopping and fine dining. You left your country-bumpkin town in order to see the best our world has to offer! This vacation is to experience the finer things in life: food that's prepared by world-famous chefs or clothes handmade by the best local artisans. And then you can brag about it to all of your friends/coworkers. With this approach, you will have lots of haters...and you will love it! Who cares? Haters Gonna Hate either way.

3) Life Experience 
Your goal is to gain a deeper meaning of the culture. Traveling is about experiencing the people and learning their culture. Strike up a conversations with locals and start to understand why they do what they do. It's not about "having the best" whatever or "seeing the most" sites. And your takeaway will be a different approach to YOUR life because of what you've experienced. With this approach, you will obtain "Vacation Relaxation:" a deep relaxation the ultimate feeling of joy and love everywhere and in everything!

4) Party and Bull*&%t
Your goal is to party and bull*&%t.Where is most expensive/exclusive dining place located? Where is the most famous historical site I can see? "WHO CARES?" says this ultimate experience-seeker. You know the best clubs and can get in with no problem. And, to you at least, it's common knowledge that partying in another city is another level of freedom! #4's are mostly #3's who may also be able to obtain Vacation Relaxation since most of the day is sleeping.
*Note: you can often be a different type of Traveler depending on which city you're in: ex. Nepal vs. South Beach Miami). Costs levels may vary.
**Key for range of costs:
$ backpacking & hostels
$$ ballin' on a budget
$$$ American Express Black Card holder

Look at me. Our train arrived 10 minutes late and I didn't care.
As you can probably tell from my opening quote, I am mostly a Life Experience traveler. (I can be #4 in places such as South Beach and similar cities - it still equals an experience). For the past 2 weeks, every where I went in Italy was either based off of a friend's suggestion or because it was suggested as a great value where locals often go. G and I were able to meet restaurant owners and waiters, walk through streets to observe how locals live, and "get lost" in the city. The results are great memories and Vacation Relaxation!

In conclusion, determining what type of traveler you are will help you plan the next vacation, as well as identify what type of itinerary to have. Who knows? If you have all of the money and all of the time in the world, you can be all 4 in 1 trip!

Tell me, what type of traveler are you?



  1. Most of my vacations to date have felt like the "see it, be it" type. Wanting to actually see live and in person all that I've read about or seen on tv. Pictures were always my goal when i was younger...i wonder if i thought i just wouldn't remember? As I've gotten older I'm striving for "life experience" -realizing i really can go back and i don't always need the camera in my face.

    1. I agree! I think I went through all of the phases except life experience when I was younger. I guess it's like everything else in life...a learning process!

  2. PS - I'm loving your blog so much!!! This is a great forum for you - you've got a great eye and appreciation for all things beautiful! I couldn't be more happy for you. Plus, you're giving me new life goals - so thanks for that as well!

    1. Thanks for the encouraging words! I want people to know there's a different life out there :)


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